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Welcome Message by NCRD Secretary

Welcome Dear Parents,
Let me welcome you to NCRD's Sterling School.
Education is the single most effective device to meet challenges in life, itself. Good education has been known to change people's lives always for the better. It is certainly important to achieve degrees and qualifications, but that alone, is not what education is all about.
Education can imbibe people with knowledge, the sense of purpose and confidence, essential for today's dynamic, vibrant and everchanging world and only good education can instill the sense of ethics necessary to help successfully navigate the stormy competitive work culture. This is the philosophy of Sterling School.
Our School purposes excellence. We aim to provide the best for all our students of varied abilities and talents, encouraging them to achieve excellence in all spheres of activities, from academics to sports.
As our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has said in his book "Ignited Minds" — "As a young citizen of India armed with technology, knowledge and love for my nation, I realise that a small aim is a Crime". We help our students realise this great truth.
We hope your child becomes our student.

Niranjan Kelshikar, Secretary, NCRD