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Message from The Director

Dear Parents,
I take this opportunity to Welcome you and your Pupil to the family of NCRD's Sterling School, where stress is laid on developing every sphere of a child's personality, through excellent Infrastructural Facilities such as a three storied building, clean environment, spacious & Well ventilated classrooms, special furniture, highly equipped Science, Mathematics, Geography & Computer Laboratories, Sports ground for out door games and a separately built Badminton hall. I am also proud to have qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers to support us in our Endeavor.
A Sterlingite by the time he/ she completes Std X we help them to lay a sturdy foundation for their future not only through RWLS skills but by deeply imbibing in them the Indian cultural values, ethics, spirit of hard work & competitiveness, a sense of inquisitiveness & creativity, scientific approach, analytical attitude, patriotism & respect for secularism. As Willam Ralph Inge Said, "The Aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of Values."
I hope, in partnership with you our School becomes an instrument in providing a high end platform to every child, so that he/ she in return, turn our Nation from a state of progressiveness to a progressed one.

Shrikant Patil, Director, NCRD